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Monday, 28 July 2014

Home Décor Idea for living Rooms


The living room is the most popular place in a house for the entertainment of guests, and where families come together to end their day, relax after a long workweek or to enjoy a television program together. In most cases this room is on the main level of a home and sees a lot of activity. This is why it is imperative that this area to be decorated and made into a friendly atmosphere to ensure the comfort of visitors. 

Here are some living rooms decorating ideas, whether you are upgrading or redesigning your living room, which will not only look elegant but also get you in touch with the style that you want.
The first thing about home interior design principles is the color element. This is the most basic thing in the home interior design, because throughout the interior, either it’s the foundation elements, the furniture, and the accessories. The main thing is to have good taste of a color that will serve a great look in your living room that you want.

Furniture becomes one of the fundamental home interior design principles. Either it’s selection process or arrangement process, the furniture has a real potential to beautify a space. Some most important furniture elements of living room are:
·         Sofa – a staple in living room accessories, sofas vary in style and width, and a favorite in virtually every home for reading and watching television.
·         Recliners – a popular for solo relaxing, and also a great place to take a nap.
·         Bean bag chair – a great idea to brighten the room with bright colors, also great as reading chairs.

·         Ottomans  commonly used as foot rests in more spacious living rooms, but can also double as stools if you have minimal space.
Floor covering also provide comfort underfoot for creating a keeping with the function of living room as a public space. This also will make a design statement. Besides, vibrant wall-to-wall carpet functioning for foundation will give redefined mix of floral and stripes. Rugs are great to define the living room area.
 To keep a room from being boring, you can put a simple painting, drawing or photo, framed vase of flowers, wall hangings, chandeliers and oil paintings a small potted plant or even curtains with a subdued, solid color, on each wall if you want. Simple decorations can serve as accents for a room. 

The living room will need outside lighting as much as possible. Using natural lighting during the day can add some ambiance to your living room. The living room is considered a multi-purpose room since it is used for relaxing, working, watching television and doing crafts or hobbies.

Natural Fibres Export is a manufacturer and exporter of home furnishing products including kilim rugs, kilim cushion covers, kilim benches, kilim ottomans as well as modern design pillows, designer rugs, poufs, ottomans and many more. 
Living room is one of the main rooms in the house. Decorating living room is very necessary because of it becomes the first entrance for just about any guests and gives them the very first impression of the house. These living room designing ideas helps you in decorate your living room.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Home Décor with Suzani Home Furnishing

Today Suzanis are used as decorative element which is used by interior designers.  True suzanis are hand-made textiles originating from Central Asia. Suzanis are sewn using bright, vibrant colors. Popular design motifs include sun and moon disks, flowers (especially tulips and irises), leaves and vines, fruits (especially pomegranates), and occasional fish and birds designs products.

Now Home Furnishing Industry have many product of Suzani like Suzani upholstered chair, Suzani sofas Suzani pillows, cushions, Suzani Rug, tablecloths, Suzani Shades, Suzani Doormat, Suzani Upholstered Stool, Suzani curtains spread.  We can find lots and lots of suzani patterns in home decoration.  It gives a classy and contemporary look to your home.

Today Suzani Fabric is being used an ever-increasing variety of products from bed covers and pillowcases to clothing and curtains. Suzanis can be hung at the head of the bed instead of a headboard. It's also quite popular to use suzanis as rugs. A suzani used as a bed cover or throw or it is used as a seat throw or suzani over a table as a tablecloth. Products made from Suzani Fabric have artistic beauty and quality. Therefore, the demand for the fabric and products made from it continues to grown internationally.  

Natural Fibres Export have wide range of suzani product. It offers you suzani rug, suzani cushion covers, suzani upholster benches, upholstery foot stool, suzani upholster sofa, suzani poufs or many more suzani products.  These products can be used in homes, workplaces, teahouses and public buildings.